My appreciation and love for photography began at a very early age. I first learned how to use a camera when I was 10 years old and remember my immediate excitement and fascination with it. It didn’t take very long before I became aware of photography as an Art form.

Many years later, I welcomed the arrival of the digital era, which I embraced right away. In my opinion, photography evolved into something even better in many ways. These days, I use a camera with very high resolution, which is important to me since it retains details and texture and allows me to produce very large prints. I approach my work as an ongoing learning journey. Along the way I’ve learned from artists that I admire.

Photography is very rich and complex medium that covers many different fields, each with its own characteristics and sometimes written or unwritten rules. For that reason, I think it is very difficult to find a universal definition or to say what is Photography and what isn't, without naming a specific field, for example, Art, Journalism, Wildlife, Astronomy, etc. I happen to like them all, or most of them and I do believe they can all coexist as long as one is aware of the particular characteristics and ethical rules of each field. When I do any kind of documentary photography, for example, wildlife, I don't alter anything other than contrast, brightness and crop, in Astrophotography I use Photoshop intensely in order to combine many images of the same subject to bring all the detail of deep sky objects and If I work on an image I created to express a feeling, idea, or concept, then I do whatever I feel it is necessary to accomplish that with no limitations.

I always have a sense of deep respect and gratefulness for the places I’m fortunate enough to photograph and for the people who may live or may have lived in the area and under no circumstances do I disturb wildlife in any way. This approach is very important for me because it is in harmony with my underlying intention to promote respect for one another and for Nature.

Jorge Romano


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